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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Contracting – Critical Things to Know!

FEMA does not have a priority vendor list, but they do have a voluntary registry list. This voluntary registry is merely used as supplemental market research for the agency. Companies may register in FEMA’s voluntary vendor by downloading forms at “” and submit the completed form to “”


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Breaking News!

What is adequate Cybersecurity?  If you do business with the Department of Defense, you must comply with the following Cybersecurity standards by 31 December 2017.  It’s not as bad as it seems though.  Contact your counselor for more information and stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on the subject.

Minimum cybersecurity standards are described in NIST Special Publication 800-171 and break down into the following 14 areas:

  1. Access Control
  2. Awareness & Training
  3. Audit & Accountability
  4. Configuration Management
  5. Identification & Authentication
  6. Incident Response
  7. Maintenance
  8. Media Protection
  9. Personnel Security
  10. Physical Protection
  11. Risk Assessment
  12. Security Protection
  13. System & Communication Protection
  14. System & Info Integrity

Contractors must notify the DoD CIO within 30 days of contract award of any security requirements not implemented at the time of contract award. Contractors can propose alternate, equally effective measures to DoD’s CIO through their Contracting Officer.